Build Back Kerala

Kerala needs our help!  The Times of India reports that over 1 Million people have been displaced from their homes and many lives have been lost due to the torrential rain causing flooding and landslides. Rebuilding ‘Gods Own Country’ will require significant efforts from across borders and sectors. Once the water recedes and the media coverage ends, it is the underserved people of Kerala that are left behind with no means to rebuild their livelihoods. It’s up to us to help them!

The MFL, in partnership with Assist International and CEMPOS Trust (Centre of Excellence in Managerial, Professional and Organizational Strengthening) is focused on assisting poor families to restart their living by providing a comprehensive support package for immediate recovery. The fundraiser can be found by CLICKING HERE. Specifically, the funds will be utilized to help build back families in the following ways:

1. Human support to clear debris and do minor house repairs
2. Cots, Mattresses, Bed sheets, Pillows (2 per family)
3. Basic Kitchen Supply – Stove, Kitchen utensils, and cooking vessels
4. Assistance to buy lost domestic cattle to restart income generating enterprise

The per unit cost for a family to rebuild is ~$500.  Our goal is to reach 1000 families in the first phase of fundraising. The final list of families will be prepared in consultation with local self-government institutions to ensure that we select them strictly based on need and that no family gets support from more than one source.

Please do click on the link above and help support Kerala through this time of crisis.

CEMPOS Trust is a development organization, catering to the growth dreams of undeveloped, underdeveloped and developing individuals and organizations. CEMPOS addresses skill enhancement, economic support and growth needs of individuals and organizations for enhanced income, employment and competence.