2020 MFL Events Cancelled

Due to the restrictions in place for social gatherings because of the COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety for all our participants and supporters, all 2020 MFL events are cancelled.

Please do continue to abide by the COVID-19 guidelines to practice social distancing and hygiene responsibility so we can get back to the way things were…and get ready to play football in 2021!

Be safe out there and stay healthy!

MFL Tournament XVII

Congratulations to CMTC Team 6 for winning MFL Tournament XVII!

We had an awesome mix of the young blood stepping up and the legends still doing their thing on the field. It was a great tournament by all!

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the games! Click HERE!

2019 MFL Women’s Tournament

Congratulations to the North Ave. Angels for winning the 2019 MFL Women’s Tournament!

Thank you to all the teams who put in the hard work to prepare for the tournament.  You have taken the competition level to new heights!  Outstanding!