Our Mission

The MFL continues to build on it’s initial foundation to foster fellowship. The mission is now broader in scope – to serve as a medium to help build strong bonds for both men and women within Malayalee Christian churches and between them through the game of flag football. By partnering with leaders at different Malayalee churches, the MFL is open to all denominations – Orthodox, Catholic, Pentecostal, Mar Thoma, Knanaya, etc. – to come together as brothers and sisters, live out our shared values, and of course, play football.

In addition, through the financial support received from sponsors and participants, the MFL donates yearly net proceeds to socially-conscious, non-profit charity organizations.

The MFL Board

To execute the mission of the MFL, the league is run by a governing body consisting of the following people known as the MFL Board:

Jomy Joseph
Toby Kavukattu
Austine Lakayil
Shawn Thomas
Stanley Thomas
Sherwin Varghese