Women’s All Hammer Honors

All-Hammer Honors are given to competitors who display the tournament’s top tier of athleticism and team impact, while maintaining the MFL’s core values of sportsmanship and fair-play. The teams in conjunction with the MFL Board nominate players for All-Hammer Honors consideration.

2019 All-Hammer Honors

First Team All-Hammer
Quarterback Rosin Thomas North Avenue Angels (Purple)
Offensive Line Becky Jose Football Team (Gray)
Wide Receiver Ina Abraham OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Wide Receiver Christy Chacko Destiny’s Children (Blue)
Running Back/Wide Receiver Anshu Jacob MTC United (Lavender)
Defensive Line Natalya Varkey OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Cornerback Reeja Yohannan OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Cornerback Janeen George North Avenue Angels (Purple)
Safety/Cornerback Kripa Poozhikunnel OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Linebacker/Cornerback Ciby Karottu Football Team (Gray)


Second Team All-Hammer
Quarterback Annette Zacharia OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Offensive Line Michelle Adichithara Vellam Pennangal (Orange)
Wide Receiver Brittany Keneth North Avenue Angels (Purple)
Wide Receiver Jamie Mammen Football Team (Gray)
Running Back/Wide Receiver Sarah Philip North Avenue Angels (Purple)
Defensive Line Ashna Alex Destiny’s Children (Blue)
Cornerback Sreya Alex OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Cornerback Merrin Thomas OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Safety/Cornerback Mindy Varghese Football Team (Gray)
Linebacker/Cornerback Sibyl Das Football Team (Gray)


All-Hammer Honorable Mentions
Quarterback Ruby Thomas Vellam Pennangal (Orange)
Offensive Line Gina Cherian Football Team (Gray)
Wide Receiver Cassy Korah OPD Wonder Women (Red)
Wide Receiver Jenny Thomas Football Team (Gray)
Running Back/Wide Receiver Hannah John God’s Plan (Yellow)
Defensive Line Rakhi Shibu Destiny’s Children (Blue)
Cornerback Christina Mathew North Avenue Angels (Purple)
Cornerback Anne Lakayil Vellam Pennangal (Orange)
Safety/Cornerback Leena Thalackal Football Team (Gray)
Linebacker/Cornerback Anila Varughese North Avenue Angels (Purple)