Men’s All-Hammer Honors

All-Hammer Honors are given to competitors who display the tournament’s top tier of athleticism and team impact, while maintaining the MFL’s core values of sportsmanship and fair-play.

2019 MFL Tournament XVII All-Hammer Honors – Top 50

# Name Team
11 Benjamin Jose Team 6
12 Anand Poozhikunnel Orthodox One
13 Justin Kollamana St. Thomas Warriors
14 Ronnie Kurian St. Thomas Warriors
15 James Jacob North Ave. Saints
16 Grant Eric Kna Hurricanes
16 Stanley Thomas Orthodox One
16 Besil Mammen Team 6
19 Joel Varghese North Ave. Saints
20 Max Thatchet Kna Hurricanes
21 Sam David CMTC Team 6
22 Kevin Kalappurayil Kna Hurricanes
23 Tomy Mathai St. Thomas Warriors
23 Michael Joseph St. Thomas Warriors
25 Jithin Thomas Kna Hurricanes
26 Kevin George St. Thomas Warriors
26 Sam Geevarghese Pente United
28 Justin Chandy St. Thomas Warriors
29 Derek Thomas Kna Hurricanes
29 Rijo Thomas Orthodox One
29 Dylan Kuncheria St. Alphonsa Warriors
32 Nick Mani St. Thomas Warriors
33 Chris Kattapuram Kna Hurricanes
34 John Mathew Orthodox One
34 Matt Varghese North Ave Saints
36 Philemon Philip Pente United
36 Mathew Mani Orthodox One
38 Shebin Chacko Team 6
39 Stan Thomas Pente United
39 Abbey Alexander St. Thomas Warriors
39 Jaison Issac Team 6
42 Vsyagh Maliekal St. Alphonsa Warriors
43 Roshen Samuel Orthodox One
43 Alvin Thomas Team 6
45 Rojin Thomas North Ave Saints
45 Jensen Mathew Team 6
45 Allen Mathew Team 6
48 Joel Chamakala St. Alphonsa Warriors
48 Devin Joseph Pente United
48 Jeril George North Ave Saints

*Tied rankings = tied number of votes


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