2013 Winter Tournament Brackets & Results

Color Flight 1 W L Color Flight 2 W L
Yellow Syro St. Thomas Warriors 111 Gray Syro Brown Plague 111
Blue Syro Autobots 11 1 Black OPD Evolution 11 1
Pink CMTC Team 6 111 Orange STMTC North Ave. Saints 11 1
Purple Syro Barney’s Army 111 Green Bellwood Glory Boyz 1 11
Red Syro Malankara Avengers 111 White Syro Dirty Jes and the Boys 111


Time Field 1 Winner Field 2 Winner
12 Blue vs Pink Pink
12:40 Black vs Orange Orange
1:20 Yellow vs Purple Yellow
2:00 Gray vs Green Gray
2:40 Pink vs Red Pink
3:20 Orange vs White Orange
4:00 Blue vs Purple Blue
4:40 Black vs Green Black
5:20 Yellow vs Red Yellow Gray vs White Gray
6:00 Pink vs Purple Pink Orange vs Green Green
6:45 Blue vs Red Blue Black vs White Black
7:30-Playoffs Orange vs Blue Orange Black vs Pink  Black
8:15-Playoffs Gray vs Orange Gray  Black vs Yellow  Yellow
9:00-Championship Gray vs Yellow: Gray